Lynda Jean

Certified Image Consultant

"I believe that we are made up of two parts: our outer image and our psychosocial being. By combining my clinical background with my image consulting skills, I can show people their true value and how to utilize it so they can reap the benefits of life."

Lynda Jean (BA, MSW, CIC) is a Certified Image Consultant, Corporate Speaker, and Author.

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Lynda Jean

Certified Image Consultant

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"I believe that we are made up of two parts: our outer image and our psychosocial being. By combining my clinical background with my image consulting skills, I can show people their true value and how to utilize it so they can reap the benefits of life."

Lynda Jean (BA, MSW, CIC) is a Certified Image Consultant, Corporate Speaker, and Author.

Lynda Jean

Certified Image Consultant

"I believe that we are made up of two parts: our outer image and our psychosocial being. By combining my clinical background with my image consulting skills, I can show people their true value and how to utilize it so they can reap the benefits of life."

Lynda Jean (BA, MSW, CIC) is a Certified Image Consultant, Corporate Speaker, and Author.

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Services I Offer

Personal Shopping

Lynda will meet you at the store or shopping district that meets your personal and financial needs. Whether you want to shop at boutiques, department stores, vintage or consignment shops, this session will be an enjoyable learning experience.

Colour Analysis

A colour analysis only has to be done once in a lifetime, because our pigmentation, which is genetic, will never change. Our pigmentation determines our skin colour which will harmonize with some colours better than others.

Body Style Analysis

Our genetics determine our body's shapes, proportions and height, and these details determine the style and cut of clothing that suit us best. Accepting and knowing our body type contributes to higher self-esteem.

Wardrobe Audit

How many times have you opened your closet and felt like you had nothing to wear? Working together we will bring organization and flow to your closet.


Opening Doors with Your Image

Numerous studies show that first impressions are made between 7 and 30 seconds, and you only have one chance to make a powerful first impression. 'Opening Doors With Your Image' is an excellent corporate reshaping seminar. This training can be conveyed to employees either in large groups or individually.

The Power of Professional Presence

Your employees and their communication are a reflection of your corporate image. This presentation will show your employees the importance of an individual's professional image, the intricacies of working in an office environment and appropriate behaviour with clients.

Finding your Personal Style

This group presentation can be offered for staff appreciation or with a group of friends to celebrate an event.What’s your personal style? If you don’t know, don’t worry. Everyone has their own personal style that complements them well – you just need to discover yours.

The World of Colour

This group presentation can be offered to staff or with a group of friends to celebrate an event. Colours are a great tool to use when putting forth a positive, confident and powerful image but first, you need to know your best colours.

Blog Posts

What is an Image Consultant?

Certification shows clients, colleagues and the media that you have achieved a competent level of training and knowledge in the image field and that you keep abreast of current thinking and technical knowledge.

Why Don’t I Wear Everything In My Closet?

A closet full of clothes and nothing to wear – sound familiar? The truth is that most of us, particularly women, wear only 20% of what is hanging in our closet. So why is this happening?

The Wardrobe Audit

Most of us wear only 20% of our wardrobe – yes, 20%! This is due to the fact that we own unsuitable clothes that take up space and confuse us.

Corporate Clients

Wearing white in winter is often thought of as inappropriate, but when done properly it can add lightness to any dreary day. Choose winter fabrics like wool or cashmere in an off-white shade, which when worn in the winter is commonly known as winter white.

Allow yourself enough time in the morning to look well-groomed for work - every single day. Realize that the tiniest imperfections such as scuffed shoes, chipped nail polish and wrinkled clothing can add up and make you look unprofessional. When you know you look great, you’ll feel great and exude confidence all day long.

Don’t overdo it on accessories - we all know someone who wears too much jewellery, and with the sheer amount of rings on their fingers or bangles on their wrists - you can hear them before you see them. Keep it simple – less is more.


Las Vegas Image Consultant

Why work with an Image Consultant in Las Vegas?

There’s an assortment of reasons to work with an Image Consultant, and none of them are wrong — some of my clients want to turn heads and break ankles when they’re walking down the street: on the other end of the spectrum, there are some who just want to get noticed for once and need a fresh look to accomplish this.

I’ve been a certified Image Consultant in Las Vegas since 2007 and have witnessed incredible transformations and results in my clients; it has always fascinated me how many unique backgrounds, needs and stories I encounter in my work, and how positively their lives change as a result of our time together. My client’s needs may vary, but nobody should feel ashamed to ask for help because we all deserve to feel respected and beautiful, inside and out.

With the aid of an experienced, objective, and creative professional, you can learn how to enhance your image, and these lessons can last a lifetime. My goal is always to make my clients self-sufficient, enabling them to comfortably make decisions on their style in the future.

I strive to do more than just dress you up, so you look your best — I want to find the look that represents you.

Is a Las Vegas Image Consultant right for me?

First and foremost, my objective is to enhance your confidence, communication, presence, and natural beauty. However, there are more benefits than just those listed. It’s common for people to view an Image Consultant as an extra expense, but what most people don’t realize, is that the money and time that’s saved by working with me and avoiding purchases that don’t enhance your style, will save you money in the long run and reduce the time spent in front of the mirror.

If you have trouble with your image and crave to be more confident, I can absolutely assist you. Purchasing a new outfit is a one-time cost, but the knowledge I give you will prove invaluable.

How exactly do I save time and money?

To see how you might save money by working with me, you only need to examine your closet; how many items of clothing do you regularly wear? How many do you rarely wear? And how many have never been worn? By working with an Image Consultant, you will learn to avoid unnecessary purchases. Additionally, you’ll shop with confidence, without risk of being influenced by pushy salespeople who work on commission.

The average person only wears about 20% of their wardrobe — it’s easy to see how wasteful this is. After you work with me, you’ll wear at least 90% of your wardrobe. It’s for you to determine how valuable your personal time is, but you’ll absolutely spend less time shopping and have more time to spend on your hobbies and with family — which I believe to be priceless.

Also, there’s a certain confidence that comes when you know your style has been guided by a professional, and the value of this can be very hard to appraise, though most would be quick to say that it’s worth something.

Why work with me?

It was my academic training that made me desire to help other people become their best selves; I have a Masters Degree in Clinical Social Work, and when I was counselling clients, I began to see just how much our appearance plays a role in how we feel about ourselves, and how others perceive us. The Clinical knowledge I gained has been instrumental in my work as an Image Consultant. When people have a positive reaction to our image, we feel it; our self-esteem is raised, and we can reach places we’ve never dreamt possible.

Appearance is important in our personal and professional lives; for example, an intelligent and hard-working employee could easily be overlooked for a promotion if they have an unprofessional look; it seems unjust that appearance could prevent someone’s potential from being recognized, but it happens regularly.

We all want to make the most of our opportunities, but opportunity doesn’t always come to the most deserving, so it’s important to give yourself the best possible chance. A confident individual who looks professional and has a great presence will attract the attention of colleagues and superiors. Looking and acting professional won’t replace skill or intelligence, but it will ensure that you’re not hindered by the image you project.

Humanity is wired to love beautiful things. It’s not always fair, but it is reality. Since we’re forced to accept this, there’s no reason not to enhance your image and be the best you.

First impressions matter — there’s an abundance of research to support this. These impressions can form in seconds, and you only get one opportunity to leave a lasting, positive image. By employing my service, we’ll work to ensure that all of your first impressions are unforgettable… for the right reasons.

What will an Image Consultant do for me?

I always had creativity in my DNA and an eye for detail; this led me to take the courses and exams in order to become a Certified Image Consultant; which is achieved through the International Image Institute and the Association of Image Consultants International. As an Image Consultant, my goals are actually quite similar to those I had as a Social Worker: to help others become their best self, to feel good, and achieve their goals.

In the process of becoming a certified Image Consultant, I learned the theories behind personal services like Body/Style Analysis and Colour Analysis, and how to do Wardrobe Audits and Personal Shopping. Other relevant studies included professional and social etiquette, dining skills, and the positive impact of effective communication, and appropriate social and business behaviour.

Image is often misunderstood — it’s not about vanity and it encompasses much more than your look. Your image starts with a first impression and follows with your etiquette and communication. Our image is only the beginning, and to create a positive and lasting image, our etiquette and communication must be equally impressive. With the help of an Image Consultant, you can have it all.

Common reasons Image Consultants are hired

Anyone who desires to look and feel good can benefit from an Image Consultant; I’ve had clients as young as 16 and as seasoned as 89. Gender and age is irrelevant — we all want to be confident in our appearance, and to have the etiquette and behavior that enhances our natural beauty.

Here’s a selection of the kinds of people I’ve worked with:

  • Wallflowers —“I feel overlooked and sometimes invisible.”
  • Business Professionals — “I’m good at what I do, but to climb the ladder in my company I need to improve my presence.”
  • Newly Single — “After a 10 year marriage I’m back in the dating scene and feel a bit lost! I’d like to refresh my wardrobe and appearance. I want to find someone special.”
  • Confident Diner - “I want to be able to dine with confidence in both social and professional settings.”
  • Business Savvy - “I want to understand business protocol and be aware of the expectations in the business world.”
  • Body Language - “I want to learn more about body language and how I am perceived.”
  • Style Knowledge - “I want to learn about the styles and colours that work best for me.”
  • Feel Proud - “I want to feel whole again — proud of who I am and how I look.”
  • Shop Smart -“I want to stop wasting money on impulse purchases, sales and constant disappointment.”
  • Declutter -“I want to walk into a streamlined, uncluttered closet and have outfits that I can mix and match easily.”
  • Weight - “I want to learn how to strategically dress my body to enhance my best features and take attention away from the least.”
  • Returning to the Workplace - “Times have changed — I want to fit in with my image and workplace protocol.”
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