Style & Proportion for Women

This group presentation can be offered for staff appreciation or with a group of friends to celebrate an event.

Have you ever looked at some women who look well ‘put together’ and wonder how they do it? Then the Style & Proportion for Women is the course for you, as we will answer this question—and more.

Women who seem to look effortlessly stylish and confident are not that different from you, they just know what pieces work best with their body proportions, and equally as important—which to avoid. Women have different body types, and if you do not pick your attire best suited to those then your outfit simply won’t look right.

Selecting your clothes for your body proportions is a skill, and one that isn’t naturally built into most of us. It is however a skill that can be learned, and quite easily.

The Style & Proportion for Women course is designed to dramatically enhance your look and how others perceive you based on your wardrobe. In this course you will develop an understanding for your body shape and style, and how to best leverage both for a cohesive look.

In this course, you and your partner will measure each in order to learn your proportions. These measurements will help us delve into:

  • Which clothing types and styles pair best with your body’s proportions.
  • How to accentuate—and detract from—specific body parts by leveraging clothes and accessories.
  • You’ll learn what lines, style, fit, and proportion mean to your look, and how to apply them every day to your wardrobe choices.
  • How to use accessories as key elements to defining your personal style, accent other pieces and add ‘pop’ to your daily fashion choices.

This course on Style & Proportion for Women includes two takeaways:

  • A Style and Proportion booklet, outlining your genetic proportions.
  • A "What is Best to Wear" handout, that is customized to your specific body proportions and clothing choices.

For this course please dress casually, bring your friends, and prepare yourselves to learn how to style your body strategically, and beautifully!

Are you interested in this service or have any questions? Get in touch with Lynda now!