Manners Matter - A Children's Etiquette Program

The society children are growing up in today is increasingly technology driven—and this significantly decreases the need for face-to-face social interactions in children. While technology will be omnipresent in their lives, teaching children an interpersonal skill set will secure them not only a more successful professional life but personal as well.

The Manners Matter program is designed for children aged 8-14 years old, and will teach them how to make a memorable first impression. First impressions are critical as you only have a few seconds to sculpt someone’s first judgement of you, which can be accomplished with solid eye contact, shaking hands, and properly introducing yourself. Other ways to make a memorable impression is offering assistance where needed, and of course putting your phone away during times like dinner.

Good manners are memorable, and are the building blocks of social and professional life.

Some of the elements covered in the Manners Matter course include:

  • Understanding Etiquette and Manners
  • Proper Introductions and the Etiquette of Conversation
  • Dining Etiquette and Place Settings (no food)
  • Telephone Etiquette
  • Personal Care and Posture
  • Party Manners and Thank You Notes

The course includes: Etiquette book, Goody bag and a Certificate of Completion.

Manners Matter Event Details

Dragon Ridge Country Club (Conference Room) - MacDonald Highlands
552 Stephanie Street
Henderson, Nevada
Spring and Fall - Date TBA Saturday - 9:30 am - 1:45 pm
8 - 14 years
$125 per person
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