Body Style Analysis

Have you ever fell in love with an outfit on a mannequin only to find it didn’t love you back?

If you’ve ever pondered why some clothing styles complement you well, while others seemingly sabotage your appearance, you are not alone.

Our genetics are a determinant factor in our body shape, height and proportions. And these details determine the styling and cut of clothing that will make us appear our best. Understanding, then accepting, this simple truth helps us make wiser clothing decisions and achieve higher self-esteem.

In my Body Style Analysis I will show you how to leverage the unique features of your body in order to make the smartest style decisions, to create your ideal look.

The Body Style Analysis will pay attention to details such as lines, styling, proportion, fit and fabric type(s). In addition, it will determine your personality style by assessing your natural look—as well as facial details and the best hairstyle for your facial shape.

As we work together I will create a customized Style Guide, and since your bone structure, height and body proportions will not change over time—your customized guide will serve as a style reference forever.

Understanding the ideal style of clothing and accessorizing will encourage you to make the right stylistic choices, easily—and with confidence. The end result will be a beautiful, ‘put-together’ look.

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