The World of Color

This group presentation can be offered to staff or with a group of friends to celebrate an event.

Color is a powerful tool to use in putting out a positive, confident and powerful image. First however, you need to know your best colors.

There is psychology behind colors, especially when it comes to attire and how people perceive us. There are also colors that harmonize with our complexions, and others that detract from it.

For example, while you may feel great when wearing red, or have people tell you that warm/vibrant colors suit you—different colors compliment different people. The psychology of how someone perceives you while wearing red, for example, should be taken into consideration.

While there are different concepts in determining the colors that best harmonize with your complexion, I use the seasonal concept where each color corresponds to a specific season.

The seasonal color system is a guiding tool for color choices. While not every person fits into a single color season, the system has evolved over the years to create the right color palette. By using the variations of the six ‘flow’ categories we can create your custom color palette by placing you specifically in 1 out of 10 categories, instead of 1 out of 4.

My presentation, The World of Color, covers all the aspects of the seasonal color theory, and will open your eyes to the multi-colored world of:

  • Understanding your season of color, or flow season to make your appearance really ‘pop’.
  • Comprehending the positive and negative impact of your colors on how people perceive you and your overall appearance.
  • How to leverage your best colors to accentuate your features and body type.
  • Learning how to select your ideal colors, confidently.
  • Learning how to save both time and money while shopping.
  • You will receive a Color Booklet that describes the psychological responses to various colors.
  • You will receive a Color Bookmark and/or a Seasonal Color Wallet that includes the variations of your best colors.
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