Personal Shopping

Why is Shopping so Hard?

Shopping can be a thrilling and rewarding experience — some people even find it to be an escape. Whether it’s a busy week, hectic family life, or the rigors of the working world, shopping can be a great stress release under the right circumstances. However, even those who don’t struggle with style and who have all the time in the world, can admit that shopping is at times an intimidating experience.

Not everyone associates perusing boutiques with fun, in fact, some of my clients feel anxiety with the mere mention of shopping and have gone as far as to call it painful. Needing a new outfit can be a great source of stress when you’re not on top of changing trends and emerging brands — and without the proper tools, many people settle for purchases that do nothing for them and make them feel worse in the end.

If you take a salesperson at their word, any item can look great on anybody; however, in the same way that no two brands are alike, no two bodies are identical either, and some outfits naturally clash with certain body types and complexions. If you detest shopping or struggle to identify your style — a personal shopper can bring relief and can even help you find the pleasure in shopping. On a personal level, it’s incredibly rewarding to witness a client’s mood changing during an afternoon of shopping, as they begin to realize that we’re expertly crafting their wardrobe; one which will instill confidence.

Please, contact me if you wish to discuss your personal shopping needs and I’ll be happy to put together a plan to transform your wardrobe.

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One Client’s Costly Experience

I’ve done countless Wardrobe Audits — this is the third step in my four step process — but there are a few cases which have stuck out. Years ago, I did a wardrobe audit for a client; she wasn’t interested in the Body/Style Analysis or the Colour Analysis, though I highly recommended both before doing her Wardrobe Audit.

During the audit, I encountered a $725.00 Jacket that had never been worn — I know this because the price tags were still prominently displayed. I wasn’t surprised that she had never worn it, and had she done the Body/Style and Colour Analysis she never would have purchased it; the colour of the jacket clashed with her complexion, and it was actually one of the worst colours for her.

As well, the Jacket was a very short style, and had she done a Body/Style Analysis she would have realized that she needed to wear a longer style jacket because she was short waisted. Combined, the Body/Style and Colour Analysis would have costed less than the price of that one jacket — a jacket she would never have purchased if she had previously employed my services — and these analyses only need to be done once, as our body proportions and complexions don’t change.

This example isn’t an isolated incident, as most people can find at least one item of clothing that has rarely been worn, or still has price tags on them. I cannot promise to help you return a 3 year old jacket with price tags on them, but I can give you the tools to ensure that these kinds of purchases don’t occur in the future. Just Imagine what you’d save by never wasting money on your wardrobe again.

What to Know Before You Shop

Clients often come to me after describing shopping in a “fog” — scouring aisles and racks with no objective in mind and a poor understanding of the colours and styles that work for them. Most of us know when something looks good on us; we can feel it. But finding the right outfit in the first place can be difficult, especially when shopping is accompanied by negative emotions.

Fortunately, I can help; personal shopping in Las Vegas is only a part of the service I provide, as I’m also an Image Consultant and a Personal Stylist. A big part of my services is guidance — a personal shopper can help you shop, but I can go beyond just this by telling you how and why something works, and by passing on my knowledge, my clients gain the ability to spot the right colours and styles for themselves.

Because I’m a certified Image Consultant in Las Vegas, I’ve undergone extensive training and testing for providing Body/Style and Colour analysis. Shopping efficiently isn’t so different from writing a test; it’s essential to study in advance — or in this instance, to know which outfits work best for your body type, as well as which colours to avoid and which to embrace. It might be hard to believe, but colours can actually make someone look healthier, or they can make someone look sallow or drab.

What do Personal Shoppers Do?

To be a Personal Shopper, you need to have a good eye for appraising outfits. But that does little for a client who has anxieties about shopping, and doesn’t understand why a certain outfit does or doesn’t work. A great personal shopper educates his/her clients about styles that suit their body/type and complexion, so that they can use this knowledge on their own. With that being said, I have clients who prefer to shop with me even with the knowledge at hand, because they find it to be more convenient and a more creative experience.

When you’re working with the ideal Personal Stylist, they will guide you towards the clothing and accessories that match your style, without dismissing or ignoring your needs or individual taste. I never force my clients to accept a decision, instead, I help them see why something does or doesn’t work, while making sure to reflect their style and colour preferences in the purchases made.

Benefits of Knowing What Works for You

When you know your colour and body/style, shopping is far more efficient — and it doesn’t lead to waste. If you see an outfit in gold but your season is cool, you won’t spend your time debating whether it works — however, if you love the outfit and the style is complimentary to your body type, you’ll know to check for it in your ideal colour.

Above all else, I seek to make my clients feel ‘empowered’ — certain of their choices. With the knowledge of your Body/Style and Colour, shopping won’t feel like an impossible task, and the results will be quite rewarding.

What is a Smart Purchase?

Unworn garments bearing price tags are a common find during wardrobe audits. When clients do the math on the money they’ve wasted, they’re often shocked. And rightly so. All too often, it’s a combination of a pushy salesperson and a lack of style awareness that leads to wasteful buys. Unfortunately, we’ve likely all trusted a salesperson at some point or another, and these people are often looking for a quick sale.

There’s one sure way to know when you’ve purchased the ideal clothing: you wear it immediately, and you know it looks good. The positive feeling you associate with a great outfit leads to you wearing it countless times, and before long, the outfit has almost paid for itself — and as a bonus, you’ve looked beautiful while wearing it. Feeling good in what you wear has a very powerful effect, and it can prevent reactionary or impulsive purchases.

What to Expect When Shopping with Me

Ideally, we will know your best colours, styles and done a wardrobe audit to assess your shopping needs. As I’m a Personal Stylist in addition to a Personal Shopper, I’ll offer guidance for clothing and accessories that suit both your professional and personal needs. Based on your wardrobe audit, I’ll compile a list of items that are needed to complete your wardrobe — without duplicates — which we’ll use during shopping.

Our experience together will be fun and informative, and we’ll have plenty of opportunities to put your newfound knowledge of style and colour into action. You will always get the final say on purchases, and under no circumstances will I attempt to convince you to purchase anything that doesn’t absolutely excite you. Should you feel anxious at any time, I’ll be ready to respond to your concerns.

Our goal — to ensure that whenever you open your closet, you’ll have a number of coordinated outfits in complementary colours and in styles that make it easy to mix and match. When we’re finished, you’ll spend considerably less time in front of the mirror in the morning, and feel confident when you leave home.

Where Should I Shop?

We’ll meet at the shopping district or store that is within your budget and matches your personal needs. I’ll be sure to show you the importance of quality garments, so that you can understand why paying more for high quality clothing sometimes makes more sense than looking for discounts.

Depending on your style, we may shop at vintage or consignment shops, department stores, or boutiques, but regardless of where we shop, it will be an enjoyable and informative experience.

Reasons to Use a Personal Shopper in Las Vegas

In truth, there are any number of reasons to use a Personal Shopper in Las Vegas — the sheer selection is reason enough for some of my clients. Most people look for a solution when they encounter a problem in life, and when needed, the help of a professional. There are so many people who struggle with their image, but most don’t think to employ a personal shopper because they believe the service is too expensive.

Contrary to popular belief, this service isn’t just for the incredibly busy or incredibly rich. I’ve had clients reach out to me for job interviews, a first job, a first date, a reunion, or a meeting with a new boss or important client.

Appearance is a part of our lives whether we like it or not; clients often come to me because they’ve felt judged based on their appearance, and they’re looking for a way to move forward. My services extend beyond teaching good shopping habits — I attempt to address the anxieties that go with shopping and assist my clients in overcoming them.

The reasons my clients come to me may vary, as do their stories, but I always strive to help them find the fun in shopping, and the fulfillment that follows when you’ve crafted the right wardrobe and you feel and look great.