Opening Doors with Your Image

Studies show that first impressions are made in the first 7 to 30 seconds. That is a short opportunity to make a powerful impression. It is in those first few seconds that people make critical assumptions, including your perceived level of education, social and economic status, level of trust and future successes and failures.

Poor office attire, etiquette and communication reduces your perceived credibility. This is especially true for your employees and your business.

The volume and quality of professionalism in the workplace has been declining significantly over time. This is especially true for interpersonal communication and office attire.

Some of the topics included in 'Opening Doors with Your Image' include:

  • The differences in the three professional dress categories: Informal, Semi-Formal, and Formal dress.
  • How to use color strategically for a powerful effect.
  • The importance of professional communication via voicemail, email and phone.
  • The significance of nonverbal communication.
  • How to dress strategically for various business event types.
  • How people judge us based on first impressions and the lasting impact of that.
  • How to create a professional business portrait.
  • How to evaluate powerful people.
  • Effective networking skills.

'Opening Doors With Your Image' is a seminar designed to reshape your corporate image, and can be taught individually, or in groups.

Corporate Clients

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