Meet Lynda

Lynda Jean Image Consulting is committed to helping clients empower themselves through self image, outward image and self esteem. By creating the right self image, Lynda helps clients attain their social and career based goals. Image Consulting is a science, but also a subtle art form.

Image Consulting addresses basic principles such as skin tone and body type, but also about highlighting your personality in a way that is harmonious with where you want to be. By having your inner self align with your outer image you will project the success that you desire—in a way that feels like second nature.

Your new image is about creating powerful first impressions.

Personal services include: color, body/style analysis, auditing your wardrobe, personal shopping, and social and professional etiquette.

On the corporate side, Lynda offers corporate presentations that empower employees to project the best version of themselves via maximizing their professional image, and in common social courtesies.

For children, Lynda offers her Manners Matter course, a curriculum designed to teach interpersonal soft skills and social etiquette. A course designed to help them secure not only a successful professional life but personal as well.

Lynda has taught in the academic realm as well, with Image Consulting courses at George Brown College for several years—and is the co-author of the book, “Business Success With Ease.” In this book she addresses her knowledge about the “Power of Professional Etiquette”.

After working as a therapist after graduating from the University of Toronto, with a Masters Degree in Clinical Social Work, Lynda studied Image Consulting at the International Image Institute and the International Academy of Fashion and Technology. "I believe that we are made up of two parts: our outer image and our psychosocial being. By combining my clinical background with my image consulting skills, I can show people their true value and how to utilize it so they can reap the benefits of life," says Lynda.

Image Consulting Qualifications:

  • The International Image Institute – Toronto, Canada
  • Fashion Merchandising – The International Academy of Design and Technology – Toronto, Canada
  • Instructor for Image Consulting Courses - George Brown College – Toronto, Canada
  • Make-Up Application - George Brown College – Toronto, Canada

Academic Education:

  • Masters Degree in Clinical Social Work (MSW) – University of Toronto – Toronto, Canada
  • Bachelor of Social Work Degree (BSW) – York University – Toronto, Canada
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology (BA) – York University – Toronto, Canada


  • Association of Image Consultants International (AICI)
  • Association of Image Consultants – Canada Chapter
  • Dragon Ridge Country Club, Henderson, Nevada
  • Verity Women's Club – Toronto, Canada

All consultations are confidential, and are treated uniquely and with the utmost respect.

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