Capris Are For Everyone

Yes, everyone can wear capris. I am often asked this question by my clients because they never feel good in them. The problem, I think, lies with the manufacturers. Very often the capris are made too wide and too long, and women don’t think about altering them.

There are different styles of capris. My favourites are the shorter (just below the knee) and tight capris from the 50’s. These look very sexy and feminine. These can be worn with flats, wedges or heels. Grace Kelly wore them on the island of Capris, Italy, where they were given their name.

Another style of capris are the longer ones. With these you have to be careful that they are not so long on you that they look like flood pants (pants that are too short). They tend to be wider and are worn with casual shoes.

Out of the store, capris usually need to be shortened and tapered in proportion to your height and bone structure. If you are tiny boned, then the shorter, tighter capris will suit you the best. If you are a strong boned person, the longer and slightly wider ones will suit you. Just work with your body and keep your clothing in proportion to it.


Lynda Jean
Certified Image Consultant

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